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hai .. the virtue is back !  albeit the day this blog was originally posted  is different ..

deathe was just too tired to come back for a teensie  bit . hy had work to do , and hy was constantly  tired ! that is also why deathe couldnt  play vns !  waahh ..

deathe is tired ! deathe is  tired everyday ! deathe isnt sure how to fix it . but deathe was thinking that it was ends  anemia .. that would make sense !

ai partnered up with m friend on a psychology project , so hopefully everything will go okay . we have to do a paragraph explaining why we chose the subject , an outline of our paper , a 3 paged essay , and a poster . unfortunately , we have to rush it since we pretty much only have 6 days to do it .. but ai know we can do it ! ai already finished the paragraph and most of the outline , ai just dont know what to put for the conclusion . m friend said bun was up to it ! so aill leave him to that part !

also , deathie has a friend  crush ! well , we're already friends .. but ai want to get to know kyaa more ! div is so cool .. and we have so many of the same interests ! wawah .. deathie has never had a friend crush before until end met kiss !  WE  MUST  BE  THE  BEST  OF  FRIENDS  EVA  .. 

thats  all deathie thinks ..  goodbye ! deathie wishes everyone a good day !

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