2024 Resolutions! 𐙚 ‧₊˚ ⋅

♡ get a JAWB!! my job hunt has not been going well 😭😭 small towns suck fr

♡ get my drivers license, I have a permit and am practicing rn, but i’d like to have my actual license soon.

♡ visit my bf !! he graduates in august and i would really like to go see him!!! plane tickets are EXPENSIVE THO UGHHH 

♡ get more exercise!! i need to start taking better care of myself for sure. 

♡ continue working on my comic series!! its in the very early stages of development rn but hopefully i can continue on workin through it!! 


♡ uhmmm im not sure what elseeeee…….

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I like resolutions. They're always nice as goals to work on throughout the year. I know I want to read more and start learning different languages. And also go to the skate park more. Good luck with your resolutions!~

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good luck with yours too :D!! im very excited for what next year will bring (^_^)

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Resolutions only work as themes honestly

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