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♡12:11》Tis the Seasonings

》it's been a while champs

》we collected Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving plates like Infinity Stones

》hit up the Underground for an art festival and went to an art gallery to support my poc artists!

》ive been well fed, well smoked, and well done. (aside form getting RSV and throwing up every time i blinked)

》ive seen friends, partied hard, and been confided in.

》all in all, i had a great november and we halfway thru december.

》we worked hard and finally got our offer. which means more BREAD! and more responsibilities (damn fml)

》ive been wanting to change up my look recently. really start expressing myself with clothes, makeup, and hair. i just have to stack and wait for the weather to warm up. until then, we work on the BAWDY.

》between this period and the weather, it's actually painful to do things outside of the house, but my FOMO literally supercedes all other emotions

》also gonna get on my content shit soon

》{Bobbie has left the chat.}

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