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yall are so annoying istg. i miss how spacehey used to be before u obnoxious ass weirdos migrated from twitter/tumblr etc and took over this damn site. ive been on here since 2021 and it used to be so fun and peaceful, but now all i see is DRAMA. i miss how wholesome the blogs used to be, people would write about how their day was or about the stuff they enjoy, nowadays all u can see on the blogs is discourse over the dumbest stuff. istg everytime i go on the blogs theres always THAT one loser complaining about lgbtq, neopronouns etc... like ok so what if some 13 yr old identifies as a cat/catself or wtv the fuck??? yes its silly but at the end of the day theyre just kids having fun on the internet and going through some phase they'll grow out of eventually, we've ALL done stupid shit on the internet when we were kids. are u that much of a bum you're genuinely bothered by people having fun on the internet and trying to find & express themselves? like PLEASE get over urself and stop being a hating ass bitch and maybe get a hobby!! and dont let me get started on the transphobia i've been seeing on here lately... A MESS. and to everyone else PLEASE STOP INTERACTING WITH THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE because theyre all no-life trolls trying to get a rise out of vulnerable people AND YOU'RE GIVING THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. dont try to argue with them or "educate" them because most of the time they wont even listen so just block them, report them if theyre being really edgy and move on!! (because a lot of yall seem to forget theres a block button) ANYWAYS MOVING ON, another  "trend" i noticed nowadays is those "cAlLinG oUt" blogs about some people ive never heard of in my life?? like why do u have to make a whole ass blog post about how kai said smth edgy on the bulletins?? like why do **I** have to see that? just keep it between yall please stop filling up the blogs about your petty drama LIKEEE NO ONE CARESSS TRUST. like im all for cancelling people who are actually problematic, but half of the time its not even that serious and i have no idea what theyre talking abt... and once again if someone is being weird BLOCK THEM I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!

also ik its hypocritical for me to complain about people starting discourse on spacehey and then doing the same thing but this had to be said. its really sad seeing the current state of this site. it used to be an escape from the toxicity of modern social media, but with time it slowly turned into twitter 2.0. atp i hardly ever come on here because everytime i log on i just lose more braincells. thanks for coming to my ted talk!

EDIT: HII EVERYONE i js wanna say tysm for the support!! i was lowkey scared to post this because i thought it would "offend" people knowing how sensitive, defensive and downright foul some people on here can be. there has been so much drama on here lately it literally felt like there were no more sane people left on this site, but to my relief there are still some rational people whose brains havent completely rotted from social media yet. im sorry i havent been able to respond to every single comment but i wanna let yall know that ive read ur comments and yall are spitting straight up FACTS

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Sid/Milo ⛧

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⚝ Ixeshieh (left)

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Honestly?? You're absolutely right on everything. Spacehey was one of the chillest platforms back in the day. Ever since I joined I never ever experienced or witnessed drama of this scale, no matter what.

I don't have much issue with neopronouns and people having fun on the internet. But it's also clear that not every person who uses neopronouns are doing it in a joking matter or because they're going through a phase or smn. Some people genuinely believe this is who they truly are and it's not an aesthetic they're trying out.

But overall, you're absolutely right.

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✸ Myla

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uhhhh you claim you hate drama then proceed to make a long comment about drama and how you hate drama..?

if you hate drama, then avoid it. you don't have to interact with people who want drama and you won't have any drama. it goes without saying. simple.

- J

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They made a point about this innn the blog?

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I GETTT THISSSS like ok sometimes people can be weird but unless its not hurting anybody who caress bruhhhhhhh who CARES why do people just like discource.

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MySpace is equally had the same issue for Spacehey but yk, it's new years eve today. I'm hoping just hoping that this site is going to better next year. I wish the same issues wouldn't be happening in the future... But happy new years eve, hope you had a good time rn : )

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banger post and banger pfp

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banger post and banger pfp

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bianca the girl <3

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I agree1!1!1!

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so real (i litch just joined 2day)

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𝐻𝒜𝐼𝐿𝐸𝒴 𝒢𝐿𝒪𝒪𝑀𝐼𝐸's profile picture

This is where I'm at too. Slowly losing interest in the platform as well :(

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I just wish we could interact normally and in a friendly way here, I don't have many friends with the same taste and thought this place was the best to make the friends I want but I'm seriously considering I was wrong Ó⁠╭⁠╮⁠Ò

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no for real, almost every day there's a top blog on the lines of "My experience with ____ " at the very least, they're kind of funny to read in terms of how silly they usually are. total cancer tho

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yeah if u wanna start drama pls do it on tumblr

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Romanda Andromeda

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this is what i've begun to fear ever since i began growing fond for 2000s internet history
i think it's become clear that this generation of users have all just made drama part of their everyday activities online

and it's fine when it's on a platform like twitter or instagram or whatever because those places were the hub for "this person stinks please dni" which made them weird containment zones and taboo topics for a lot of people
but when it starts trickling into a place like spacehey where it's supposed to be reliving the days of online socialization and common sense then it just leaves a mark that will never go away because now visitors will think we're all just rehoused twitter users and turn away immediately

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real, 100% BARS

people need to shut the fuck up fr

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✘Scream Queen✘

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I won't lie, I don't use this site as much as I used to bc it's all either actually disgusting folks or just drama between teens

I get tired of it

I wanted a site I could use coding again for formatting and it sucks it turned uncomfortable for me to use

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real. based. factos. 100 emoji. completely agree

it was like this when i joined on my first acc like almost 2 years ago, keeps getting worse. sucks.

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like ive stopped using this as much as i did. i used to come on here daily for hours talking to people and reading blogs. it aint the same man.

i need to update my pfp, my hair isnt even that short anymore, thats how infrequent i use this site

by adam; ; Report

ONGG. i also joined 2 yrs ago and yes there would be some occasional drama but it was NOWHERE near as bad as it is now. these chronically online people sucked all the joy out of this site istg

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report

exactly, the site itself is good, it's just the fact that like 80% of the people on here suck lmfao

by adam; ; Report


𝕃𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕣𝕪's profile picture

So true lol the blogs be so rancid and just full of rage bait for people to interact and whats so frustrating is that THIS IS A WEBSITE THAT'S IMITATING THE OLD WEB. Nobody back then cared if you were SUPER popular on a website, there was no engagement or tracker to see how much ppl were viewing your page or whatever, so it just seems like ppl are rage baiting with blogs just for the lolz because they have nothing better to do and they like seeing people get angry at them.

I've avoided the blog section for ages now because of it, I signed up for this website to read ppl's actual blogs I DON'T care about so and so's drama that's basically just amounting to "Aster said something edgy on their bulletin and then deleted it" or "Kai's been vague posting about the 'situation' so here I am addressing it" like this is NOT twt or instagram or facebook, the whole point of the website is that it's SUPPOSED to be like the old web before we let short form content rot our brains and people actually made cool stuff online.

There's also just so many bigots spouting off stupid bullshit for no reason and just 'saying their opinion' on some minority group, and then acting all "woe is me the SJW's are attacking meh :(" when ppl think they're a weirdo and a freak. They flood comment sections and bulletins and just random places with hate speech bc they get no love and attention at home and their mommy never hugged them enough when they were a kid.

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YUPPP agree w everything u said

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


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Thought this was gonna be another one of them "GRRR 13YROS ON THIS SITE R RUINING IT GRRR" But I totally agree with you now, reading it all im jst sad people are slowly starting to be on edge here. Being able to be silly with a group of people who are also my kind of silly is the reason why I joined in the first place but, the amount of hate I see showing up in the blog post now is so, ugh :(

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I still get whiplash from that 21 yro getting mad at the 13yros bruh like, why did it matter so much that they were into scenecore and wanted a myspace alternative

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