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hello ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤

i haven't posted anything yet so i decided to do this more in depth introduction since im bored :P  Well really i just kinda want to rant abt my hyperfixations but whatevr. im currently researching vampires in the real world and their religion and behaviors'. i've also been really interested in true crime lately and have been listening to a lot of the podcast Morbid. i love learning about the psychology of serial killers and their lives before and leading up to their killings. i also like learning the science behind pretty much anything. i watch the Sciguys a lot for that reason. i like understanding how things work and if i could have my way i would understand how everything works and all comes together. i dont know if this rant made any sense but i just find this stuff fascinating and wanted to get this out there.  

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