hello old friend

so it’s been some time since i have done this but here goes nothing:

i grew tired

never needing to see

reeling or kneeling

does it matter?

fresh meat dripping

old wounds festering

weakness is but a phantom

tired inside

leaking outer shell

voluminous embers fading

remember how it felt

there is a corner to this room

you look at it but

just can’t seem

to determine what is in it

the angles come together

but anything at their joining

just isn’t there

you strain your eyes

maybe if you approach

from a different vantage point

try harder

be better

or maybe

just maybe

you will find that you

have become lost in the corner

and can’t be seen

ever again

numb and empty

relative welp

the scratching

turns nonstop

gurgling deep and cavernous

scalded skin that blisters

pustules of veins

spiraling trauma of defense

body slams into pavement

they just keep falling

crunching bone and tearing sinew

dissected in an instant

the humor isn’t lost on you

graveolent and putrescent

hold back the bile

it’ll all be a memory

soon enough

one you barely recall

if it even happened

at all

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