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MUAHAHAHAH IM SO HAPPY RN!!! my sister just gave me her old pc my aunt gave her a while ago. she did say it was a little slow but its alright!! ive never had my own computer/pc bafore!!!! im so happy XDDDDD

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That's awesome! Depending on the system, I can recommend some guides and links to make the computer faster ( if you want it, of course lol ).

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some tip would be amazing!! sorry i didnt reply earlier >< but i did find out that my sister was right, this computer is kinda slow, and some help with that would be really helpful. sorry i dont know much about computers/pcs do i dont really know what i have but im pretty sure what i have is a gateway ZX4665G all in one computer, if that helps!! ^^

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Alright, I looked up the computer model and found a walkthrough to get it to perform better.

Here's the computer walkthrough link

Basically, you have to go into your performance settings and mess around with it ( i would personally get rid of the animations and other parts that move to make your computer faster ). I would also recommend getting ad blocker for your browsers, as ads can really mess with your performance, as well and attempting to find a setting that reduces motion on websites. UBlocker is a good ad blocker, with OperaGX being a browser that blocks ads on default ( but may be a bit heavy for your computer, unfortunately. ) The second best website that blocks ads is Brave - never had a issue with it other than it taking a bit to load videos.

I ain't a professional when it comes to computers, but that's what I've learned over the years. If you are taking classes online or doing assignments online that do Chrome, I haven't found a good alternative. Just use chrome with reduced motion settings as stated previously lol.

Hopefully this helps!

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THANK YOU! Ill definelty be looking into this, I really appreciate the help ^_^!! I dont know much about computers so its really nice to have someone help me with this! c:

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