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Music Recomendation: Metallica - Load

Load, By Metallica

Date: 1996
Duration: 1h 18 min (78:59 min)
Gender: Hard rock, heavy metal, alternative rock
Recommended songs: Bleeding Me, Ronnie, Until It Sleeps

This is a very special Metallica album, it has an unique sound and it gets to feel heavy but soft all along the album, instead of having soft songs and hard songs separated, which is really cool.

Album has an interesting production, where the bass (Jason Newsted) gets more relevance instead of albums like And Justice For All, or the Black Album.

- Reasons: Load, is probably the most sentimental Metallica album, having the heavy/soft ambient, is perfect for listening to it when you want to relax but also vibe. Instead of what people says about it, the songs are really great in a theorycal way, also the instrumentation is very clean and well played. It may not be a thrash metal album, but it does not mean it's a bad album, it's just a different angle for the band, and it may be a new angle for your life.

Load, by Metallica

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