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unlocked a memory today

i'm not sure exactly what circumstances led to this, but today i remembered the first time i ever heard a song by the band Sweet Trip.

it was back in 2019, when i was super into Earthbound. i was in the r/Earthbound discord server, specifically in a voice chat that was packed to the brim with people (you had to scroll to see everyone in it). we had a music bot going, and this dude (whose username i won't reveal, but i will say that he started being really weird and kind of annoying about Cave Story a few years later) queued up Velocity. the song blew my mind, and i went "hey, this is really good!!". he agreed, commenting that parts of it kind of resembled the "Cave Of The Past" theme.

despite being awestruck by the song, i never checked out Sweet Trip beyond the songs Velocity and Dsco, eventually forgetting about them entirely until 2021 when they came out with an album that i did not listen to and broke up the following year. i forgot about them again until today, where i decided to really delve into Velocity : Design : Comfort. i'm liking the album a lot, and i'm glad that i remembered it!!!

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