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Addressing the Deletion of JaydonEpic

As you may know, I deleted the “JaydonEpic,” account without addressing the reason behind the deletion. I deleted my main account due to me being portrayed as a friend collector which, in some ways, is true— Secondly, because of the stress that I've gotten from SpaceHey and I don't wanna be an addict that lays on his phone in bed all day looking at messages from strangers that I'll never even meet (no offense, of course)

I also just made some embarrassing mistakes on that account— I know what you might be thinking, “Jaydon, shouldn't you be taking responsibility for your actions instead of simply leaving?” And yes, that's true; I do acknowledge my mistakes because that's the only thing I've done while I was on SpaceHey was simply put myself down for things that were, quite frankly— Out of my control. I did make some friends along the way and I will never take that for granted. Judas and Mary have stuck by me through this whole thing and I couldn't express my utmost gratitude enough. While I was on here, I think (let the debate ensue) I gained a good reputation and I just hope that I sparked a positive outlook among others.

I plan to stay on SpaceHey under this account and instead let people add me instead of mass friends requesting people because I wanted someone to converse with. I'll still add people that match my interests, similarities or anything along those lines but not people that stray differently from me entirely. I will say that I will be less active going forwards— This place has helped me quite a lot with friends but I've also encountered some people that I'd like to stay away from going into the future. The toxicity and negative aura this place produces on the daily is just not something I wanna be around. Not saying that everyone on SpaceHey is negative or toxic, but a good majority is— Especially those gore accounts that are pumped out almost everyday. And also I feel as if I'm not allowed to express myself without people saying “You make me uncomfortable,” which is confusing when we’ve literally only had two interactions between each other? I don't know. I’m an empathetic guy that had the misfortune of being a people pleaser.


Well, that's the thick of it. As I said, I am gonna be active occasionally but not as much as I once was. I will be accepting questions (in IMs) and will try and get back to as many as I can— You guys still mean a lot to me and I appreciate everything you’ve all done even if it was small in the grand scheme of things. SpaceHey has further helped me grow as a person and accept maturity and reach a better understanding of human interaction and that, most importantly, you shouldn't take what people online say to you to heart; that's a thing that I struggled with for, admittedly, all my life because I was such an empathetic person so I always went out of my way to try and please everyone while in the process— I was hurting myself.

I want to finish this off by saying that the support and feedback from you all has been…Extraordinary, quite simply. It’s nice to finally be accepted in some form of a community that doesn't actively want me dead (as far as I know) so I want to preface this by saying… Thank you.

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JaydonEpic Rebirth

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Oh, and to clear up confusion... Yes, you may add me as you please.

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jaydon, despite not knowing you as much, i really understand everything you adressed here. i wish you to stay strong, and hope all the misfortune that followed you is gone, or at least, will be gone soon! despite us being quite different in how far into the geek zone we go, i still see you as a good and interesting guy!

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Well, I appreciate your wishes! I will try and eventually get myself out of this predicament I'm in. It sucks living a life where you constantly just get knocked down repeatedly but it's messages like this that encourage me to keep going. Thank you.

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