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outfit of the day ! | 本日の服装!


hiiiii everyone ! how were y'all's weekends?

today I went with a friend to a cafe, had an iced chocolate (it cost $10 but it was really good so you know I can't be too upset) & bought a mint-chocolate slice !

I thought I'd share today's outfit with you all since I thought it was surprisingly stylish- it's not what I usually wear (I tend to avoid neutral colours), but I already know it'll be perfect for autumn ! in addition, I bought the entire thing at my local secondhand stores !! I love vinnies !!!!

would also like to note that I literally NEVER ! wear my hair out, but it looked so good I thought "oh, why not!" I did end up tying it up though LOL but considering I was wearing a bunch of polyester I think I did very well to not drown in my own sweat... 

ahem !

without further ado, here's today's look !

that's all for now- see you all next time !!!!






ちなみに、あたしは全然髪を外しない!でも今日は「綺麗な~」と思った (..◜ᴗ◝..)


じゃー またね!!

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Oh my gosh that’s hat skirt rocks and looks like it fits you so well! Also the beret is wild I’ve never been able to wear them normally lol

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see the thing is... the skirt is a touch too small & the hat is a touch too big... thank you regardless though !! I just felt The Need to wear that skirt. nothing else felt good. I'm glad I did because I love the pleats in it

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You are high-key slaying! I love the outfit!

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EEEK thank you !! <33

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