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the gay club is burning and its a zionists fault

One of the bars I work at has always been shitty and had a bad rep even  before I started doing open calls there but now that A white passing person said something about it being shit people started actually talking about it and some people are acting like there arent prefomers that rely on this place for employment and dont really have a choice but to preform there. If venues booked more preformers I wouldnt even be saying this but it is always the same handful of people no matter how talented you are abd no matter how much you preform. I have been preforming there every monday for two months and I bet you when I open my bookings email nothing will show up and some preformers have the audacity to act like you have the moral oblogation to stop working at a place no matter if it means you go homeless or cant pay your bills like girl wake the fuck up surviving is more important then a virtue signal no matter what. So many of us are Trans and some form of SW if you arent booking us then literally just shut the fuck up. 

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