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The Lost Art of Cable TV

There's something lost with streaming today and I think I figured it out, but first I wanna bring up something that I haven't seen much people talk about lately when it comes to streaming and how we are in a way heading back to Cable TV.

The price of streaming just to watch everything you want has now gotten to the price of what Cable and Satellite TV were a decade ago. It's fragmented into too many services that keep raising their prices, eventually you will start to drop services because they are becoming too expensive. Now what I am seeing and what I have seen coming for years now is that Streaming Services are gonna become the new Cable. How? you may ask. Well lets look at what happened with Warner Bro Discovery merger that put everything into 1 place. Now convinced? Disney+ has merged with Hulu TV and because of that I can watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon content on Disney+ along with other channels because of Hulu TV Function. 

I think the next step in many of these streaming services is to start offering live TV options like Hulu, Sling, PlutoTV and YouTube TV. Not only content from networks like we seen from TV, but also their original content. But I think not even the original content stuff will be for long on certain streaming services. I think we are about to see more mergers and syndication of content to other services and soon shopping for Streaming services is gonna be like shopping for Cable or Satellite TV. pick out the service that you like the most to watch TV on.  I think we are gonna see the return of the schedules and set times for certain shows to premiere. my reasoning for this is because it will give people options to let the networks choose for them instead of doomer scrolling for hours on end trying to find something to watch. How about instead the service set up schedules for shows to run on and you watch it that way like how TV use to be.  Give people a simple guide they can customize to browse channels of whats on now instead of trying to look for a show. Each episode they stumble upon might be something new they might enjoy and hey if it's an older episode they can click on a "find on demand" button while the show is on and boom can find all the content afterwards to watch earlier episodes. New episodes will only be premiered live on TV so it's a shared experience when a new episode of a show come out and only put it on demand 2 weeks later so people can be excited for new episode of a show to come out. No binging No oversaturation of content and no overwhelming illusion of choice with the no demand option to doomer scroll. The Lost art of Television especially Cable TV. The time of just flipping on the TV and watching whatever without having to worry about what's on because there were always something on to watch. Something Streaming at least in it's current state can't provide. Remember the times of falling asleep with the TV on in your room which gave you a bit of a cozy background noise while sleeping and waking up in the middle of the night with something on you never thought you would be into. Those experiences are what's lost with modern day streaming and it's the main reason why we are starting to see a shift towards a mixed on demand plus live tv future with streaming. This shift has been happening for awhile but has finally caught up to the services after the pandemic. So come home from work or school and turn on the TV and just channel surf and find something new and cool without putting in much effort. Watch your favorite show and get excited for brand new episode to launch next week instead of consuming it all at once and forgetting about it a week later. Prepare because I believe this is about to be the future of TV which is a Bit of old Live TV and Modern On Demand.

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