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a list of older english words/phrases i like

this list goes over a lot of archaic (or atleast uncommon) english words and speech i like!

  • afeared
  • asunder
  • beseech
  • beshrew
  • betide
  • churl
  • daft
  • drake (dragon)
  • ey (plural eyren)
  • fair
  • fain
  • forsooth
  • hail (greeting)
  • hence
  • hereby
  • hither
  • hitherto
  • kye/kine (plural of cow)
  • mickle (also muchel)
  • mirth
  • murther
  • ne'er
  • o'er
  • sooth
  • swain
  • thither
  • thence
  • whither
  • whence
  • writ (old past tense of write)
  • wrought (old past tense of work)
  • yeoman
...i'll add more eventually.

-eth ending

basically a stand-in for modern english "-s"

example: "the watchman walketh up and down the street"



also ye

example: "thine axe was stolen!"


"how goes it?"
"how fare thee?"
"fare thee well!"

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I love a few old-timey words now and then. I just wish I could use them in sentences without seeming like some sort of smug nerd lol.

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omg!! these are so epic!!!! i love the words, specifically hereby and wrought!! i love the way you put all of them in alphabetical order!!

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thank you, i shall list more that come to mind!

by lurker; ; Report

:DDD ik it's not here but i LOVE the thon pronoun.. it's just so POWERFUL!!! "THON!" "THAT ONE!" makes you feel like a REAL MAN!! EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT A MAN!!

by ztrnpb; ; Report