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do not use liz vicious pics

tw: stalking, grooming/pedophilia


if you've been in the alternative (specifically mallgoth/grunge) scene you may have seen this girl pop up 

(i am only using her picture for informational purposes)

this is ''liz vicious'' (her real name is mindy so ill just call her that for now on)

she was a porn star, most known for dressing alternative which was a pretty rare thing at the time.

one thing to point out is that she was barely of age/still a teenager doing porn and was groomed into doing all of it by grown creeps.

she was cyberstalked and harassed by the person who made her do the porn.

the person who made her do the porn also pretended to be her for YEARS on social media, and he goes by john. 

her life/social media has remained private, and her real twitter account got deleted. she has asked people to stop uploading/using her pics for years now, since she regrets ever doing the porn and she is now a wife and mother. 

there is a tumblr post basically going through what i said with photos.

if you find her photos on places like pinterest, do not do anything with them. dont save them, dont upload them, dont use them. this is pratically cp.

thx for reading

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