The Youth and The Media, The way we portray women in social media matters.

Do you think that current social media has affected the youth in a positive or negative way?

I think that social media has completely taken away the tween stage in many young peoples life, specially girls. I haven't seen a awkward looking tween since i was one myself. I scroll on Tiktok and Instagram and i see these young girls that look like their 16-20 years old!! what happened to being a tween and taking time to figure yourself out? I think social media has been the key factor in making these young girls grow up so fast. From what i've gathered, these girls have grown up on social media. They see how adults and older teens are on the internet and personify themselves onto them. I've seen a 12 year old using drunk elephant retinol. RETINOL! For those of you that don't know what that is, its for wrinkles, its a anti aging component. And it's damaging for a young persons skin. 

And i think i'm just shocked because a very key part of a young girls and really a young persons life in general has been erased completely. And not just on the internet. many tween stores have been shut down too! ex: Justice. 

So i want to ask the younger people in this platform what they think about this. Do you think it's a good thing to grow up that fast? or do you think it's a bad thing? Do you think this is because of social media or something else? 

(not judging, just curious) i hope somebody sees this lol. 


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I just turnt 15 and now my grandma treats me like an an adult when I'm not so she acts like I'm too old for toys and it's super annoying! not sure if this really relates to this if not I will delete it!

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you dont have to delete lol, I guess its because she doesnt understand ur interests? I still collect the cleo monster high dolls LMAO

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from my own experience i agree but my experience is more with guys for sure and even tho its not to the extreme as it is for girls, i definitely see it online and even younger people in my family sadly.

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its so heart breaking seeing a kid not acting like a kid. Kids today want to grow up so fast and experience adult hood so bad. If i could be a child again id totally do it all over lol.

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