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Food and work

Hello friends!

Yesterday I was at a company christmas dinner with my job, it was a fun time!
I drank a bit there, ate some good ol christmas food and chatted with my coworkers.

Normally I do not like social gatherings though this was a really enjoyable time and I am glad that I went.

Alcohol helps ease the tension.. is the message here I think...

Thats it, thats the blog for now.

See you soon friends,

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not one but two kudos given. my company dinner was way more awkward. I didnt have enough cocktails i think. will try again next year,


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Gotta up your boozer game! I can show you the way.
Happy holidays, happy new year and as we say; GOOD CONTINUATION :-)

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and as for the kudos.. TWO?! so many..thank you.

by joe; ; Report