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Yall this is a weird question but

How do you flirt? Like genuinely HOW?

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Here's a good one! You walk up to the object of your attraction and you have to be wearing sunglasses to look cool and then you tell them "you're already attracted to me" but that makes you look like a sleaze bag so, you explain to them that it's actually because of Newton's universal law of gravitation and then state the entire law word for word. It works like a charm

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This is so teehee im pinning it

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Cool, I've never had a pinned comment...until now!

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idk how to flirt so take this with a grain of salt but I think really depends on love language and how close you are to the person. For me, I like giving people things and showing them things and being like "this reminded me of you, so here :D" but go with the flow, I guess and don't do stuff that might make the other person uncomfortable

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This is very appreciated! One of my problems is I get very...I think anxious might be the best word.

Anything I can think of to do usually comes with a separate visualization of me getting brutally rejected! But that happens whenever I talk to anyone irl about anything so it's fine

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