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this is the lowest ive been - 9/12/23

atp im sure im in a major depressive mood/episode. Ive been sleeping too much and im becoming weaker (and lazier at that). i relapsed multiple times recently but im too weak to carve even deeper.

its also rlly boring. theres nothing to distract me anymore. my yarns r finished, we dont have money and im hungry. everythings gone. nothings happening.

on the plus side (if u see it that way), ive been planning on writing a fanfiction of my own life; basically romanticising it. Im pretty lonely and have always wanted a bf lol (that sounded cringey sorry). I dont think theres any use in announcing this since im never gonna release it publically. Its for my own coping reasons.

i dont remember the last time i took my meds...

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