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All my characters, just in picrew

Name: Zeta
Gender: Bigender
Pronouns: He/They/She
Romantic/sexual label: Demiromantic Omnisexual (Likes their masc ppl like a lot...)
Picrew made by: S0DAPVNK

Extra: They are actually an animatronic, but this is what She looks like as a human. (He is a bat animatronic that is night security at the Mega Pizzaplex in Security Breach). When off work and hanging out in the daycare with Sun and Moon (since my AU has them separated and in diff bodies, Zeta hangs out with Moon more), they are an artist and draws the kids of the daycare whatever they want for the kid's enjoyment.

Name: Koa
Gender: Trans man
Pronouns: He/They/Claw
Romantic/Sexual label: Bisexual, demiromantic
Picrew made by: Elena-Illustration

Extra: He is a god of nature in on of my stories i'm working on. He can hide their ears and nose when going out in public, but keeps it out when at home with claw's partner (Next character). The cat is his partner's (I was originally doing it black to represent their common form, but it blended in too much, so now it's that)

Name: Vee
Gender: Voidgender/Agender (label depending on social atmosphere)
Pronouns: They/It/Ink
Romantic/Sexual label: Asexual Demiromantic
Picrew made by: chicken.nuggts

Extra: They are autistic (hence the headphones(I couldn't get an autism or ace badge, so I'm just gonna say it is showing some of inks support for their bf). Those "freckles" aren't actually freckles because they were cursed by a bad god and now they live in pain bc of rlly bad headaches. (Ik, sound slightly cringey)

Name: Astro
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: They/Star
Romantic/sexual label: Asexual demiromantic
Picrew made by: Elena-Illustrator

Extra: As a kid, they got struck by a monster when they were left outside the gates of star's home. They've continued on with life becoming the diose of the stars. (Let me now if you want me to post the book I'm writing, which gives u more info abt them)

Name Viktori "Vik" Thornton

Gender: Trans manĀ 

Romantic/Sexual label: Asexual omniromanticĀ 

Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Vampire (drinks human blood. His partner drinks animal blood)

Picrew made by: Elena-Illustration

That's all my characters/ocs/whatever you wanna call 'em. Let me know if you want me to post any longer explanations/background of the characters.

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