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Seduce Me: My first Otome game

Everyone starts somewhere. In the world of otome, that "somewhere" was Seduce Me: the otome..... unfortunately.... 

I remember downloading the first one for free after finding out about it through Michaela Laws (who voice acted in Yandere Simulator). To be fair though, I was literally like 11 years old ;-;

I don't think this game was appropriate for me at the time (there were spicy scenes in it). Looking back now though, they were actually soooo tame, but it felt scandalous as an 11 year old girl lol.

My favourite guy was Sam: 

Seduce me sam - DMmermaid890 - Wattpad

This guy here.... (even at 11 years old I was into the angry tsundere types  T-T)

Yes, the art is not great..... The story isn't great either. But it was my first otome! So it hold a special place in my heart (although i'd rather forget it). 

I do remember as a kid, my dad went through my files and saw this game downloaded and he thought it was a porn game T-T. After that, I was so embarrassed that i deleted it and never touched it again. 

I don't remember much about this game except it was about some girl who ends up living with incubi brothers?? and like you can pick a guy to romance and you just vibe idk. Anyways, it really sucked lol. 

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