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spacehey is just 2013 tumblr atp

i just have to point it out because all of these social spaces that were made in the early 2000s for people to be themselves have really made people like..... a little too themselves. ykwim?

like i just saw some straight ass dude talking about attention seeking faggotry on this website and i think thats crazy, and its the same kinda language you see in older spaces like this.

ive been on a lot of these older like dawn of the internet websites and like. if you told me that one super popular blog about how trans people shouldnt exist or whatever was just a copy pasta from like
2013 tumblr

i would believe you tbh

was there some sort of viral outbreak that limited the brains function to move on?? most of these kids aren't even old enough to know what that kind of enviornment looked like and yet manage to completely replicate it because of the cesspools that migrated directly from myspace and tumblr when they either died down or stopped letting people spew hate out of their asses

idk what im talking abt but i feel like this is something i wanna share

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