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holy shit, people make me wanna die

I'm really thankful for social media and for the opportunities it's given us, yet I can't help but feel as if the way social media is today is a toxic cancer. God, that sounds so dramatic. Everything is accessible nowadays, which is fine, but for the love of God, do we really need apps like Instagram that have a thousand posts flashing at your face every day? I would say the same for TikTok, but that app actually helps people in great ways and allows us to be more educated on certain topics that tend to be "lied" about and "manipulated" on other apps. I can't fall asleep without a headache, and I blame it all on the technology I have. I don't even remember any of the videos I watched, and I certainly didn't gain knowledge from them, so why on earth do I, and millions of other people waste our time like that? I grew up with technology. At the age of 8, I had an Instagram account and could easily find my way around certain apps and websites. I fear the more tech improved the worse I've become. 10 year old me shouldn't have watched the things she did, nor should she have talked to random strangers online. I'm lucky I never came across a pedo or those creepy ass men that try to take advantage of kids. But still, my innocence was taken away from me really early, and I regret that. I feel so bad for children who are growing up during the internet's prime. They won't get to experience real fucking life and their memories will be stored in files and app archives. I would sell a kidney to go back in time and have social media gone. There's so much of everything and so little time for us to experience it. I really hope people do themselves justice and decide to experience life instead of things that won't matter a day from now. Get up, do something, anything. A memory of you pacing in your room is much more memorable than scrolling for hours online.

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No bc i really get what you're saying

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I really think the same thing but at the same time I feel so miserable with myself, I just want to leave all my social media but at the same time it's the only thing I have.

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It's the only thing you have because it's all you know. If your only way of contacting your CLOSE friends is through social media, try getting their # so that you guys can still talk. I promise you there's more to life than apps that we're all going to forget about soon. It's easier said than done, but small changes will eventually lead to bigger ones.

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