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can anyone give me suggestions for what to do when your bored

haii every1 >_< ive been getting rlly bored lately so if anyone would be so kind to give me some suggestions to not get bored


baii :3

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OMFG U SHOULD DO LIKE A YASSIFY DAY FOR URSELF!! I do that sometimes for myself for motivation for the week yk. Like take a nice bath or an everything shower then sum nice lotion u feel me?? then like clean ur room do ur bed, make urself a nice snack like sum strawberries and watch some chick flicks. Personally my favs are the hot chick, bridesmaids, white chicks, legally blonde yk those are good movies lolz

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an online game i think is rlly fun too its kinda like triggering but its called ximboland u like have ur own doll but the point is ur doll is a bimbo :P

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oooh thankiez for the suggestion :p
nice page btw ^^

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