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More vivid desc about me

.........You can call me Star or any nicknames, idm, i LOVE nicknames!!

Desc --- i'm really random when im in a good mood, when i'm bored i do random stuff, i don't always understand sarcasm and i don't like arguements. If you ever need to vent, i'm here. You can vent 24/7 i don't mind. If i do smt wrong pls kindly educate me through. I reply either really fast or really slow. I'm really chaotic and goofy at times or im quiet and a bit shy sometimes. I'm an INFJ-T, so i'm sometimes ambiverted or really extroverted too, i'm learning to play the electric guitar, and clarinet.

Themes -- I love cute things like sanrio, i love fluffy things! I use tone indicators sometimes, i'm a really hyper and energetic person if you get to know me and if i'm comfortable with you. I LOVE grunge, i'm a grunge girl, i also like stuff like goth, scenemo, scenecore, goth, cybercore, y2k (not the real y2k tho) and more. But, i ALSO love stuff like pastelcore, softcore, bluecore, and anything pastel colored. It depends on my mood tbh lol.

Ethnicity --- I'm Ukranian and i'm Slavic, and i strongly recommend you to not interact with me if you are against Ukraine. I speak English and Russian, and i'm currently learning Ukranian and French. I can understand a bit of Slavic languages like Polish.

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