scottish pilgrimage

started reading scott pilgrim today? i understand why people like it but i am really confused because a lot of people's favorite characters are like crazy shitty people, and then other characters that people claim are shitty people seem fun so idk maybe idk all of the detials. scott seems like a total shithead (i don't think he's genuinely a pedophile, he didn't seem attracted to knives in the slightest, but its still dumb that he lead her on like that and it's still disgusting that he did it in the first place), kim is fun but she says a slur every like four seconds, people keep saying ramona's a shitty person but i don't think she is? i mean i haven't seen evidence yet i don't believe. i'll have to re-read. the only character i really LIKE is knives she's so cute i love her. and wallace i guess but i like knives the most

also all of the shitty characters are funny which is annoying because i want to hate them but i giggle like every single time they talk so i have to keep reminding myself they suck even though im laughing my ass off

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a case like bojack horseman(the show not the character) , they are all shitty in some way and all have their redeeming qualities in some way

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ballsack horseman. I GOT YOUUU. I GOT YOU I GOT YOUUUU

but yeah from what i've heard about bojak that seems accurate. i want to try to watch that some time but i think it would actually destroy me so im not going to try until i'm like way older

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