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Hello everyone! Been awhile since I posted here! Been super busy over on the YouTube Channel. Releasing videos every 2 to 4 days at this point. And doing Shorts and Community Posts as well. So even though I'm not posting much here. If you aren't subscribed to my channel you are definitely missing out! ;-) Still posting pictures pretty regularly on Instagram. And Facebook serves as basically a summary of all the social media platforms.

I didn't really have a particular topic in mind. So since it's been awhile thought I may as well discuss what I've been up to since I last posted. There actually has been a lot of follow-ups to past videos and even things I've discussed here.


I've been trying to cover more and more retail and mall stuff. Here are a few of my more recent videos.


Recent videos I've done following up on past topics.

Family Vacations:

I've done several this summer. More videos still to come.


Yes I've done two now! Not really sure if there will be more. Send me your questions!

I may do more summary blogs like this. May do more specific topics again. Just hopefully I start to post more lol. Hopefully you are checking out what I'm doing on the channel. Either way, thank you for the support and all the recent friend requests. :-)

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yo wayne good to see ur doing well

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Thank you for checking out the blog. I'm doing pretty well. Hope you had a good holiday and will have a great 2024! :-)

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