Gifted and Talented

Being a gifted kid felt like being put on a pedestal which made me think I was better than others, and made me believe that I didn't need to study because I got good grades even if I didn't study.

Along with this the โ€œGiftedโ€ status also made expectations of me to be higher, for instance I was always shown off for how smart I was and constantlyย  bragged about for this. I was expected to be in advanced classes and maintain high grades, and that was easy enough to keep up with in elementary and middle school. Although now that I'm in high school this is harder and harder to do, and because I didn't study as a child its getting increasingly harder to stay at the level I once was at. This has caused numerous problems or remarks such as โ€œyou used to brag about how smart you were.โ€ or imposter syndrome and self doubt. Because I'm no longer able to do things with ease and getting lower grades than I used to, I feel as if I am letting people down or as if I am just a shadow of my past self. This is not something only i have experienced but many others are now facing this feeling or burning out and self doubt because of the ego or โ€œpedestalโ€ that the gifted status gives you.

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now that im in highschool makes me sound like a overwhelmed freshman im a junior guys!!!

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