the sky was missing and i never know you

the sky was missing some stars, and then two extra turned to face me, staring. i stared right back. you shouldn't look into the sun, this is common knowledge. two of them and you've become icarus with double vision. 

"you were looking up," you said absentmindedly picking up bewilderment at the end of your sentence. you had never spoke before. your voice was quiet but sharp in my ears. 

"i was." 

"no one ever looks up" 

"but you always do" 

"maybe i'm no one" 

"but you aren't now" 

"i guess you really don't know me then" 

"no i don't. do you like being known?"

"generally no and always completely" 

"thats ok, i never want to finish, i never want to know all of you" 

"and you?"

"by you i don't mind being known"

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