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HELLO!! my name is vincent !! im 17 and im nonbinary and use they/them pronouns! he/him is ok too :) im currently single and very gay i like man.

Feel free to msg me on here or any of my other socials! i might not respond right away but ill try my best to respond, i am very awkward tho and weird.. im also bad at keeping conversation going if i dont know you well


I am mentally ill... i have bpd and autism (diagnosed.) i get attached easily if i like talking to you.. so.. sorry in advance :( i have abandonment issues and am a people pleaser. 

i say s€xual stuff/jokes (if we arent close i prob wont make any dw-) and make suicide jokes (like "ima kms") if ur not comfy with that pls say so !!


•no one -14 please !!

•homphobe, transphobe, ped0/maps, abelist, zoophile, all that other yucky stuff

-----------------PLEASE INT---------------


•FNaF/DSaF fans (omg especially if you were a rebornica/gold box fan lol)

•Saw fans


•Vocaloid fans

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hai smellbell

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not trying to be rude, but what did spider man fans do to u and is it fine if i was a fan over a decade ago, but not anymore?

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nothing..? theyre under please interact lol

by ★ vince !!; ; Report

i misread it as do not interact. im sorry. :(

by xXkf100Xx; ; Report