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Archived Short Story Snippets 1/2

Author's Note

Ooooh boy, these are something alright, I made these when I was young

All of them are way too short to be their own posts, so they rest here.

Warning for body horror and death

Elizabeth (original date: 9 February, 2021)

Elizabeth, why did you leave?

I still remember the day you did

If only I had stopped you

If only I had loved you more

But alas

Those are just ‘what ifs’

And now you are dead

A Not So Old Man (original date: 10 February, 2021)

Not once did the old man scream as they burrowed into his flesh

Not once did he cry out for help

What he did though was disturbing

His cackles as they ate him alive were disurbing

Yet comforting at the same time

After all…

When the maggots were done

And his flesh had finished decomposing

He finally felt happiness

As his flesh became one with the world

And his body reborn

As a crying child

Who had no business coming into this wretched world

Eyes (original date: 11 February, 2021)

They are all watching

It feels weird

I do not like it

Though it feels weirdly comfy

Knowing that someone is watching me

At least I know that if I die

They are going to see

And say it to my family and friends

The amount of emotion that can be gleaned

By looking through someone’s eyes

Is a lot…

Endless (original date: 12 February, 2021)

Space what a curious thing

Constant reformations

And constant destruction

Really beautiful in reality

For the destruction is balanced by the creation of many things

And if the creation of many non-living things exist

Then it is possible for aliens to exist too as well

Perhaps we will meet these new friends someday…

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