I needeth CRTeth

I really really REALLY want a CRT, both monitor and TV. For TV I would go for the widescreen ones since I'd still want it to work correctly with more modern hardware that doesn't really support non widescreen (Aka I have a Xbox One and I still wanna play it even on a CRT)

Also if I had a CRT TV I would have a Media PC connected to it and throw almost every show I watched back when my family did have CRT on it (We had a CRT till like 2015 were we got some random LCD TV)

Problem is CRTs are.. very expensive on both the used price and shipping (if the seller Even offers it) Even if you find a working one left outside like some people end up doing with them you still also have the problem of weight as those sons of bitches weigh a LOT, I have spaghetti noodles arms so trying to lift one will crack my dam bones.

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since when r crts expensive? where im from i can find a used one for around 20-100 euro

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For me they are

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