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Um... about me?

☆I'm kinda like a bug in the sense of I'm absolutely terrified of you, and am more scared of you than you are of me☆I require tone tags to funny properly in a conversation☆I'm autistic and have ADHD(official diagnosis, don't come after me saying it's a self diagnosis)☆I'm a homosexual and a transformer☆I get kinda uncomfy when religion and politics become topics of discussion became of the way I was raised☆If I refer to gods plural that's just because I'm a Percy Jackson kid☆My birthday is September 16th but I won't tell my age☆I'm honestly just a silly little guy☆I'm actually really nice if you get to know me☆I like to draw☆I'm bad at drawing(don't listen to Atsu if they say that I'm good at drawing)☆I change obsessions quickly, one day It's The Amazing Digital Circus and the next it's Project SEKAI☆Ranpo is literally me, like, whenever he would explain something I'd just sit there because I had already figured it out 5 minutes ago☆I don't know what else to put here so I'll end it here☆

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