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segment of a paper im writing on queer horror in art.

keep in mind its originally in Spanish and i coudlnt be bothered to manually translate so i used google translator. so if the wording is weird thats why :3

Body horror occupies an interesting space within the horror subgenres, it is part of extreme gore but its intentions and approach are often very different from other similar genres. This is because body horror is not about the fear of physical pain, it is about the horror of having a body. Their limitations, their deformities and the pressures and social expectations that come with having one. Therefore it takes on a psychological level, which focuses on the clash between one's identity, one's body and social standards. And as this collision changes the body, the focus is always on the transformation of the body into something that goes beyond the limits superimposed on it. As such, this is a genre that connects deeply with the queer experience in several ways. On the one hand, body horror is the catharsis of transforming your body, freeing yourself from social and biological limitations, as done in Tetsuo, the Iron Man (1989). But on the other hand, it is the horror of being trapped in a body that does not reflect you and that is being transformed by forces that are beyond your reach, as in The Skin I Live In (2011). Body horror could also be conceptualized from a non-biary perspective. The transformations that bodies undergo often go beyond any human biology, turning the body into an artistic product, incapable of being limited by categories such as “male” and “female.” Therefore body horror is an artistic expression that has a quality that is inherently non-conforming with the conventions of sex and gender. A morbid and queer form of transhumanism.

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wow, i want to eat your writing

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MetalHeart ☭

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I love this, it is worded very well

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Wow, you nailed this right on the head, it's such a complex feeling that I could never put into words but you articulated it so beautifully.

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thank you!! ^⁠_⁠^

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