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L2 pole is so fucking scary


It already took me forever to feel comfortable doing a jasmine and now it's getting sooooo much worse. Like at least a jasmine is still mostly horizontal, now I gotta be fully upside down. The crazy thing is I'm kinda doing it tho!

Like I genuinely don't know HOW THE FUCK I did this but I DID IT!!!

(The red is me censoring someone in the bg)


This shit was actually terrifying like my heart was racing when I got down LMAO. Idek what this is called but it's what we were practicing yesterday. The entire move set was climbing up the pole, doing this weird swing, using the momentum to do a pull up (fuck pull ups), swiftly moving from the pull up into a jasmine hook, then finally dropping down into this. Some people then moved from this into like some other move, I think it was called fruit basket or something, but I'm still new to L2 so this was already a lot for me. Some people were really bold and climbed like HIGH on the pole I can't imagine being fully upside down that high up AND THEY WEREN'T USING SAFETY MATS! Even tho this is still very new to me and therefore uncomfortable and scary it was really exciting that I actually did it without a mat or a spot or anything! Ugh I love these classes so much I'm glad I didn't let the seasonal depression win I really needed to get outside and do something. Major confidence boost fr I just love getting better at it!<3

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You make it look so effortless though!!

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Thank youu!! <3

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