Pancakes here. This is my first ACTUAL blog entry, technically, because the first one was just sort of an introduction. And now.. the way-too-much-talking begins XD

Anyways. It hasn't been busy, not a ton, at least. December is a little weirdo month when it's just the at-home part for me, I get SOOOO bored unless I'm on here, playing my 3DS, on the phone with my bff Coco or my at-school bff Brennan, or playing ACNL or AJ or on the Bored Button website... well. Guess I'm not that bored, huh XD BUT!!! Still.

WE'RE GOING TO THE NUTCRACKER BALLET THOUGH WITH MY BEST FRIEND AND THEIR MOM SOON, THOUGH!!! YUSSSS! I'm really excited cuz we used to do that every year, and then it got too expensivee... dumb money stuff. We might even be able to do a SLEEPOVER!?!? At her house, too, and it's been FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I also just reset Nintendogs so that was awesome. I dunno if I'll play it today, I have to take a shower since I'm home sick so. Meep. O-O

Maybe I'll be back later. I really really really like writing here when things get all weird and boredomey. Sooo. Pancakes... OUT.. For now.


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