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DNI's are a bit stupid

What do I mean by this? Simply they aren't bad as I understand people want to put the type of people they don't want to interact with. My problem is how almost every single one has the most obvious things written on it.

Like yeah no shit you'd not want to talk to people who are.. well it starts with a P and ends with a jail sentence (Even though it should end with a death sentence but hey I don't control the justice system)

No shit you'd also not want to talk to people who engage in Z or are just problematic people in general. No shit you'd not want to talk with people who are jerks.

Basically what I'm saying is the very basic things don't need to be on a DNI list as it's expected from anyone that you'd not want those types of people, only add the things that are more specific like for example anyone who is hypersexual (Those are the most annoying to me and most likely most people)

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