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moving forward

Been two months since

 i went though a hard breakup that i didn't really see coming. I sometimes could be a big huge dummy and i wish i would looked more into us. But i was going out with my friends a lot, I had work damn near everyday I barely had any free time while she only had collage then she was home she rarely went out and i didn't really see it at the time but i see it now. She was hurting and i didn't see it i wish she would've spoken out too, Letting me know how she felt but i think she wanted me too just know. I'm still very new too dating and shit so i really had no way of knowing that without us talking. Maybe things could've been different. Maybe. Idk but cant sit here and and wish that things went different I have too do better with my life. She's living hers i gotta live mines i tired to be better even when we broke up i even tried making the changes she want but it was past too late and i came to live with that. Ill keep this updated as time goes on but for now ILY <3

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