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#3 Jaspers wise words

NEVER EVER EVER suck dick in the Starbucks bathroom before school. 

erm anyways.... Hey pookies !! ⭐ It's science class again and Mr. Janoswki still smells like yesterday. I have to update y'all on the Anna and Alex situation, I told Anna a few minutes ago that I felt like I was the side hoe and she responded with a gasp so I think it went well! Gonna sit with her at lunch today and her bitchas boyfriend (I don't actually hate him but sometimes he kinda sucks ass). 

During my depression/sadness yesterday it got so so bad (I was missing Anna and Alex so bad) I had to resort to using DISCORD.... ik it was bad. ;,( I said some slurs(THAT I CAN SAY!! I'm not problomatic yet don't cancel me) and made an apology video to the GC of 12year olds and went about my day. My grandma is doing well I think and I made this pizza that was big as shit, like seriously it puffed up so big it's crazy!! (O_O)

IT's SNOWING GUYS!!! (╯^□^)❄☃❄ I cant go outside because they trap kids in this giant concrete building called school but if only I could taste those FLAKES!! Do you want to build a snowman caus I do!!!! Im done

generated blinkie let it snow best buds blinkie  

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