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does anyone have recomendations for emotional hardcore bands??

i just really want to know about some new bands cuz everytime i listen to a new emotional hardcore [emo for short] band i end up liking so thats the main reason i want recomendations =D

some bands i already listen to are mcr[ik its not exactly emotional hardcore but still], jimmy eat world, taking back sunday & rites of spring, i might be missing some bands cuz most of the time im talking about what i listen to i forget a few bands, but thats not that important 

i already wrote this in a few difrent places just to make sure i'll get more recomendations lolz

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you should listen to moss icon

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Just now remebered to tell u that its now 1 of my fav bands, thank u 4 telling be bout it!! ROfl

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randomly checked this site after months too, glad you liked them! they're such a good band

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