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Sailor Moon

I've only seen like, two episodes of it, but is Sailor Moon worth continuing to watch?? I only ask bc there's so much content of it, and I don't want to go through it all just for me to be like "damn this was mid" 😭

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I can guarantee at Sailor Moon is not a mid anime. There is a reason that there are still adaptations being made to this day. If you understandable don't want to commit to a five season anime I suggest watching crystal since it is a more compressed version, but if you can I highly recommend reading the manga first. The art is very beautiful and is a good read. Trust me by the time you get to the end you will be rooting for the sailor scouts and no doubt have one that is your favorite that you know too much about lol (for me it's Sailor Venus.)

If you do end up getting it to the anime(s) or manga let me know!!!!

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i agree, plus the manga is wayy less Slice of Life-y than the anime. if you dont wanna read the manga, there's always Sailor Moon Crystal which is pretty much the manga panel-for-panel (unless they changed it recently). it's not for everyone so dont feel bad if you dont vibe with the show!

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Lol, it's a fun show. I guess try watching the first few seasons of the 90s anime and decide if you want to continue from there?

I actually never fully finished watching the 90s anime and I haven't even seen every episode of Crystal, but I've seen enough to know what people are talking about when they say that the characters are more likable/interesting in the 90s anime (though Crystal stepped it up with season 3). That's what really carries it, in the end. Each team member is distinct and charming, and they play well off of each other. When I was a kid, I did not understand most things about the actual plot, but I did like the characters.

However, I would say that there are better magical girl shows, you know? Sailor Moon is just a classic.

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This happened to me when I watched Tokyo Ghoul. I binged two seasons in a night only to cry because I wasted my time with a mediocre show. I didn't even understand anything. T-T

But, Sailor Moon is worth watching. I've only watched a couple episodes back when a kids TV channel replayed it, but it's interesting.

I was more focused on other shows like Pichi Pichi Mermaid Melody, DoReMi, Jewel Pets and Mirmo. :P

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Dude I understand like, the basics of what's going on in Tokyo Ghoul, like the plot and the characters, other than that I never know what they're talking about- something about RC cells idk All I know is that I only ever rewatch it because of Juuzou, I love him so much lolol

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He's pretty cool. He should have a show of his own. :>

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