lookin for more art frens :.)

lol I kinda don't have a lot of friends I talk to on space hey so if any of y'all wanna chat bout art and stuff I would love to :3

Some stuff bout me is: I do a lot of cartoony and gorey art, I do not watch or am interested in anime/manga lol, workin on a cool animation project with mah fren whatsoeva (they cool go check em out), I like horror/crime/thriller/fantasy movies, likes learning bout fairytales/poems/creepy ah stories/nursery rhymes, and all that shit.

Hope I get to talk to y'all soon :))

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sorry if I deleted anyones comments by accident :..) was doin a thing and now they gone lol so srry bout that

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yo can re comment if y'all want sorry again lol

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