Papar Furntiure: picture frame, dressing table and wardrobe (part 3 of?)

i went to sleep early so i couldnt show the dressing table but i made a (very ugly) wardrobe and a picture to put on the wall next to the bed

i put the wardrobe where the bathroom was orignally going to be. the plans said ''closet'' but after measuring i decided wardrobe was a better descriptor ( i cant believe that tiny cupboard-thing was almost a bathroom. i hate landlords)

i know the picture looks bad but my phone is too big to fit in the window (i dont know why it looks like i did this outside, i was in the sitting room and all the lights were on. i used the flash because it was completly dark otherwise)

i realise now that i didnt draw or colour anything on the paper clothes but i almost broke the windows with my fat fingers and cramped my arm trying to get the hangers and the two rows inside the wardrobe so im not taking them out

and this is the dressing table

so thats what i did today, good night! :)

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