im a frightened dog most of the time

i try to comfort people no matter what even if i have a limp, even if im anxious ill screw something up,

i just want to be appericiated by somebody

dont want the world to hate me

its too late

everyone ive ever known either hates me or again hates me but secretly

if i ever annoy somebody, upset somebody, i want them to say it to me, infront of my face even if i cry

cus its better then lying 

better then crying at night in my doghouse

wondering why i did wrong

whimpering to who ever hears my desperate prayers

to make it all better again like last summer

i just want my life to end on a good note, one that im proud of,

i dont want to die forgotten and rotting away w bearly anyone liking me 

oh well

it is what it is

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i want to have more friends
i want people to love me
i do everything 4 attention
please someone stop it

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stop me from craving attention
pleasebhelp me some1 i cant
ik im a whore and petty and pathetic but please please

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