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Back to Phasmophobia...

Category: Games

I finally started playing Phasmophobia again.  It had been almost a year!  I even missed the candy hunt for October :(  There are so many ghost types now!!!  I haven't gone to the new locations yet, but I will next weekend.  Now to get some sleep before work....Zzzz » Continue Reading

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Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal PI

Category: Games

I follow Insym on YouTube and love watching his Phasmophobia videos especially.  I saw he started a new game called Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal PI.  It was much slower than Phasmophobia, but it was also much more atmospheric.  It was one of the most realistic ghost hunting games I've ever seen.  I'm sure it's too slow for some people that want something faster paced or with more action, but I fe... » Continue Reading

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