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Darknest Hour

Category: Writing and Poetry

 Darknest hour In the depths of night, where shadows creep, Where fear winds it's tendrils, secrets to keep, There lies a darkness, unknown untamed, horror's symphony, where souls are maimed.  Whispers of terror, echoing unseen, A macabre dance, played on a ghastly screen, in a abyss, where nightmares reside, Darkness and horror, forever entwined.  Eyes wide shut, hearts racing in despair, as moon... » Continue Reading

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In the hush of night

Category: Writing and Poetry

In the hush of night  In the hush of night, a whispered allure, A dance with darkness, mysterious and pure. Amidst the shadows, where secrets reside, I delve into a realm where souls confide. A leaf of green, an oracle of bliss, Its fragrant whispers through the evening mist. I inhale the essence, exhaling thoughts unbound, As my spirit takes flight, unburdened, unbound. The smoke swirls around, a... » Continue Reading

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