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Category: News and Politics

the fact that as soon as someone becomes aware of the absolutely disgusting exploitative nature of capitalism you can easily descend into political and even moral nihilism is in my opinion one of the greatest features of the ideology. it can prolong its existence even by people understanding its grotesque nature. even now when i understand this i feel i cannot escape it, all i can do is moan and w... » Continue Reading

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demsoc is a betrayal to left wing ideologies

Category: News and Politics

demsoc and socdem are a betrayal to left wing ideologies.socdem focuses on making capitalism easier to conform to and become more coerced and comfortable. alongside socdem promotes imperialism heavier exploitation of the third world. demsoc is just plain stupid. socialist mode of production, low phase communism, is supposed to abolish state and class, as Lenin stated, alongside other things such a... » Continue Reading

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deaths caused by capitalism vs communism

Category: News and Politics

if you're talking deaths caused by capitalism vs communism they've both had flaws. like you're not taking into account of the amount of people sold and born into slavery (the number is incomplete but is upwards of 15 million), the great depression, WW2 (70 million). then the cold war (with the goal to spread capitalism). then the Vietnam war (2.5 million). then the chinese civil war (which the US ... » Continue Reading

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goals and aspirations

Category: News and Politics

the fact that everyone feels disillusioned when they graduate secondary school is just one example of how the mass media shapes our desires and aspirations. most people expected some romanticised coming of age moment because of the repeated tropes they saw in films and television. we believed school was some magical experience when it's essentially just preparing us for work. people don't realise ... » Continue Reading

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value of life

Category: Religion and Philosophy

human life is not intrinsically valuable, its characteristics are what make it so. what makes a fetus more valuable then a pig, potential? be logically consistent with potential and you find your argument has been shut down. » Continue Reading

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conspiracy theorists

Category: News and Politics

conspiracy theorists annoy me so much . "the government is trying to control us using masks" the government or ruling class IS  controlling us through cultural hegemony, they use repressive (police, armed forces, courts) and ideological (schools, churches, institutions) state apparatuses to repress us and disseminate ideologies that aren't in favour of them. they also use the mass media as a tool ... » Continue Reading

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