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Mcdonald's Monogatari (Honobono Tenchou Ikusei Game) / McDonald's game boy game

Category: Games

  McDonald's Monogatari (Honobono Tenchou Ikusei Game) for Game Boy Color (2001). I ordered this game from Japan and it took me *so* long to find it with the box. I was lucky that even though the box is a bit "damaged" it came with the original manual/guide. I love the flaps of the game box so I am glad these have not broken (at least not yet, haha).  Here are the pictures:   » Continue Reading

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HTML/CSS codes that might help ~o.o~

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hello!  I have gathered some useful codes here and there and thought you might be interested in them. Thanks to everyone that has shared their insightful knowledge! Pages that might help with coding: » Continue Reading

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Animal Crossing: pixel art

Category: Art and Photography

Stamps:     Characters: Scenes: Note #1: These are NOT free to use, this art was commissioned by and for me and belongs to me and their creators.  Note #2: artists:  D exinProgress , Uszatyarbuz ,  The Indie Phoenix , CaptainSquidInk ,  Legendarypixel Note #3: Characters belong to their creators/companies we do not claim ownership of the characters. This art was made just for illustrative purposes... » Continue Reading

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