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Category: Blogging

9-27   Good Morning, one and all. Or none.  Today I have been going insane simply off the sole purpose of locating this one song. I spent my entire morning thinking about it, and yet at the point where I could have asked what song it was; I completely blanked, forgot about anything and everything and waltzed my way out of that classroom. We're using this song apparently, she says she sees the coup... » Continue Reading

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First Blog

Category: Blogging

9-26 Well hello, it seems you've found my blog. I'm not quite sure what exactly I'm gonna put in here yet; and if you're someone reading this at all I'm a little surprised. You probably don't know me, or you do and I gave you access to this page. Weird, since I'm barely trying to figure this out. Lowkey might treat this like uh, an old school type blog/diary but not a diary? Who knows, we'll see t... » Continue Reading

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