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refrigerator haiku

Category: Writing and Poetry

refrigerator  haikus are easy, my god refrigerator. » Continue Reading

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bored part 2

Category: Blogging

soo five guys was PACKED! dunno what i was expecting for lunch time on a saturday but there was nowhere to sit anywhere. i didn't even have the space to make use of the free refills system x( anyway i'm on a bus home now, i went to hmv after five guys - i'm starting to fear hmv is the closest england will ever get to hot topic!!! maybe with enough manifesting LOL anyway it's sooo warm today. not s... » Continue Reading

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abt to go into town :D

Category: Blogging

about to go into town, im in the car right now and my uncle is driving me to my bus stop (theres road works around rn so i cant get a bus from my road » Continue Reading

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tired and sooo bored.

Category: Life

honestly ill probably sleep soon - today kinda sucked but whateva. i just wish i was asleep - my head hurts qwq  tomorrow im seeing my uncle and hes cool as fucc but idk why hes coming down here, he lives in morecambe which is like super far from where i am but yaknow. sunday monday and tuesday i am BORED and ALONE  i was thinking of getting fake snake bites. i used to have em and they looked cool... » Continue Reading

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stupid lame ramble

Category: Life

currently listening to: paralyzed by the used » Continue Reading

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